Think dental surgeries and you probably think… actually, you probably lose interest pretty quickly, right? That’s literally why Mint*d exists: we’re bringing a fresh approach to dentistry that you’ll enjoy. Our patients sure do – “It doesn’t feel like a dentist!” is the sort of feedback we get on the regular.

What sets us apart?

It starts with the airy, fresh look of our Mint*d studios that is less of a waiting room, more of a chilled lounge. The Mint*d Bar offers dental-approved refreshments, as well as complimentary teas and water. The best bit? Our upfront pricing menu board where you can choose your treatments. That means you’re in control – you’ll know exactly how long the treatment will take, what it includes and what you’ll be paying at the end (with no surprises).

Our team and tech combo

Our friendly Mint*d smile crew are all about freshness, going out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable. The EMS Airflow – that’s our fancy gadgetry which reduces any pain – means you’ll be super relaxed during treatment. Speaking of tech, you’ll love wearing our Bluetooth safety glasses that allow you to choose your own tunes. Welcome to the future!

What happens next?

As you check out the Smile Crew will automatically book your next check-up for you – no annoying appointment cards that you’ll lose five minutes later. You can edit your booking online using your Mint*d profile, which is also where you’ll find your invoices, X-rays, images and treatment recommendations – sorted! And if appointments aren’t really your thing, that’s OK – we welcome walk-ins.
It’s dental done different, and we think you’re going to like it a lot.

What Mint*d pro is right for me?

You’re only ever as good as your team, so who are the smile crew? Let’s break down the cast list…
  • Dentist: Hopefully, you’ve seen a dentist at least once in your lifetime, but you may not be 100% sure about what they do. So here’s a quick refresher: Dentists specialise in treating conditions that affect the mouth, teeth, jaws and gums. And always with a Mint*d fresh smile, of course.
  • Hygienist: These dental pros specialise in preventing dental diseases. They clean your teeth and come up with strategies to help you improve the health of your teeth and gums, and teach you how to lift your oral-health game. Think of them as heroes who rescue you from future dental danger.
  • Oral health therapist: These are the experts who assess and treat dental disease in kids and grown-ups. As well as teaching us all on ways to improve our oral health, they also do restorative treatments (like fillings and tooth removal).
All menu board treatments will be seen to by a hygienist or oral health therapist, and you’ll be referred to one of our dentists if required. However, in some cases we may refer you to a trusted partner for more extensive work.
They’re all good people doing great (Mint*d) things. Come in and say hello.