We know you care about your oral health – that’s why you come to Mint*d, right? (And for the sweet vibe in the Mint*d bar, of course.) But when it comes to oral health, it can be hard to know when you’re doing it right. There’s a lot of confusing information out there which makes oral health seem waaaay harder than it needs to be. Fact: It’s actually pretty simple to keep your chompers healthy, shiny and happy, but Mint*d oral health therapist Fadi Isaac says there are a bunch of stubborn misconceptions about oral health that can confuse even the smartest of peeps.
Here are some of the things Fadi says people often get wrong about oral health:
Myth: 'Brushing your teeth harder is better for you.'
Truth: If you brush too hard you can damage the tooth enamel and your gums. A light brushing technique is actually better.
Myth: 'Sugar is the main culprit of cavities.'
Truth: There’s no denying the sweet stuff is part of the equation, but having poor oral hygiene habits is a huge perpetrator of cavity crimes.
Myth: 'You don’t need to see a dentist if your teeth aren’t painful.'
Truth: Sorry to burst your bubble, but you need to see your dentist for check-ups on a regular basis, so they can detect problems before you get to the ‘pain’ stage. Happily, at Mint*d we make those visits enjoyable.
Myth: 'Oral health isn’t important for holistic health.'
Truth: What’s going on in your mouth is hugely connected with your overall wellbeing. In fact, poor oral health can even be linked with issues such as heart disease and stroke.
Myth: 'Fluoride should be avoided.'
Truth: Despite old rumours you may have heard, fluoride is safe in carefully managed levels, and plays an important role in preventing tooth decay.
Myth: 'Poor oral health is the only cause of bad breath.'
Truth: Smoking, digestive issues and dietary choices can influence bad breath (BTW we can definitely help you with that, so don’t be shy – come and see the Mint*d smile crew!).

Why does oral hygiene matter?

Keeping your mouth healthy isn’t just good for your teeth and gums, it boosts your overall health, says Mint*d oral health therapist Fani Sapountzis.
'Maintaining a consistent daily care routine will help prevent problems from occurring,' she says. 'In between regular dental hygiene visits, keep up twice-daily brushing with a fluoride-based toothpaste and flossing.'
Fani also recommends eating a healthy balanced diet, and reducing sugary or sticky foods.
'Frequent snacking in between meals should be reduced to avoid constant acid attacks on the teeth,' she says.
You can handle that, right? Of course you can.

How do I know if I’m doing it right?

Well, this should be reassuring. According to Fani Sapountzis: 'Good oral hygiene means that the teeth are clean, smooth, and free from plaque. The gums should be pink and tight around the teeth and should not bleed or hurt when brushing or flossing.'
If that’s how your mouth looks, you’re nailing it!