Whether we’re playing or watching from the sidelines (or the couch), sport is a way of life in Australia. What’s not so fun, however, is the damage to your precious smile that can be caused by unfortunate sporting incidents. Thankfully, avoiding said misfortune is pretty easy with a good mouthguard – and at Mint*d we offer what we reckon is one of the latest in mouthguard tech (if we do say so ourselves).

Why do I need a mouthguard?

This is a little yucky to think about, but contact sports can cause serious mouth injuries – think: broken jaws; cut lips and tongues; fractured, cracked or knocked out teeth. Ugh. A mouthguard is like a nightclub bouncer for your mouth, keeping out the impact of a damaging blow. Bonus: it also balances your bite, without getting in the way of normal speech and breathing. Could Mint*d mouthguards be the most valuable player? We think so.

How do Mint*d’s mouthguards work?

Our mouthguards are custom-made for you using an iTero scanner – cutting-edge tech that takes a 3D impression of your teeth. It works at lightning speed, is comfortable and creates a 3D image of your teeth before your very eyes. The dental tech wizards will create your mouthguard from that image in less than a week – magic!
We also have a partnership with the people at Shock Doctor which gives you access to over-the-counter mouthguards.

What’s so great about custom-made mouthguards?

Custom-made mouthguards mean a seamless fit for your mouth, matching your teeth and gum line perfectly. That means you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it (and there’s less chance you’ll accidentally ‘forget’ to wear it). It also means you can zhuzh it up by choosing your own colour and adding initials, numbers, logos or images. Why not make a statement?