You’re never too young to become a Minty! In fact, we reckon Mint*d is the perfect place for kids to experience dental care, because maximising the enjoyment factor for our visitors is our main priority. Roll up, small humans!
'Depending on the age of the kid, we have three packages tailored to their needs,' says Leila Sarram, Mint*d dentist. 'Our clinicians are excited to provide the kids with a really comfortable and happy Mint*d experience.'
Got more questions? We’ve got you (and your little one) covered…

When should I take my child to the dentist?

As soon as the first teeth start to erupt, says Leila. Ideally, that would be sometime before your child has turned two.
'This helps establish a positive and trusting relationship between children and oral health professionals,' she says. 'It also allows parents to gain important education on management and care for their children’s oral health.'

Why should I take my child to the dentist?

Even the most dedicated of parents can miss the early signs of tooth decay. It takes a professional eye to detect underlying problems that could be ticking time bombs. Enter Mint*d – our smile crew have got a knack for spotting issues and treating them before they become bigger problems. Plus, as Leila mentioned, starting early helps your child get comfortable with dental check-ups – it’s all about building positive memories.

What does good oral health management look like for kids?

Ever noticed how your kids tend to mirror what you say and do? If you model good behaviours by brushing, flossing and visiting a dentist regularly, your kids will want to do the same.
On top of getting kids used to dental appointments, it’s important to get them familiar with daily habits that will make a big difference in the long run. Teach your kids to brush with a small, circular action, keeping the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle towards the gum line.
'It’s about introducing oral habits such as brushing as early as possible, even if the technique is not perfect,' says Leila.
And when their teeth start touching, it’s time to get into flossing. This can be tricky in little mouths, so ask your smile crew to show your child some good techniques. They’re happy to help!
Beyond cleaning, make sure your kids drink plenty of tap water, and avoid juice and fizzy drinks – that will do wonders for their oral health. Feed ‘em up with a wide variety of fresh, nutritious foods including fruits and vegetables – their future selves will thank you for it.

What’s the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

This is a government scheme that covers basic preventative and selected restorative treatments for eligible kids, up to the value of $1000 over a two-year consecutive period. Want to know if your child qualifies? Contact Medicare (132 011) or visit your myGov online account.