In case you haven’t heard, clunky metal braces are no longer the only way to straighten teeth. For those who need it clear aligners are trending right now – and for good reason. So let’s straighten up any misconceptions you might have…

How do they work?

Clear retainers are almost invisible trays that gently move and straighten your teeth, without anyone really noticing (seriously!). We use Invisalign to deliver these, they were the first to develop this tech. For best results, you’ll need to wear them minimum 22 hours a day, just taking them out for meals. Clear teeth aligners help to correct gaps, crowding, overbites, underbites or overlapping. How good is that?

How long does it take?

Around 12 to 18 months for an adult, though it depends on the individual.

How much do teeth aligners cost?

Between $2500 and $8500, depending on (you guessed it!) the individual. We have ‘buy now pay later’ options to make the cost more manageable, so that’s worth talking through with the team.

Is there much maintenance?

You’ll need a 15-minute session with us every six to eight weeks to check that things are still tracking well, which gives us the chance to make any adjustments if needed. You’ll also need to keep your aligners clean – Joseph Kazzi, our clear aligner dentist, recommends using soap and water, not toothpaste – and taking your aligner out every time you eat.
'The biggest challenge is removing the aligner in a public setting. My advice is to excuse yourself to the restroom,' Joseph says.

What is the process?

Here’s what you’ll be up for:
Step 1 – A free 15-minute straightener consult. Known as The Straightener, this is a discussion of clear aligners and teeth scans. (That last part is pretty cool, by the way. We use a nifty gadget called an iTero scanner to take a 3D scan of your teeth.)
Step 2 – A 90-minute orthodontic consult
Step 3 – Approval of the potential smile. (This is where the dentist shows you what your results could look like.)
Step 4 – A 60-minute fitting of your teeth aligners
Step 5 – A series of 15-minute maintenance sessions
Step 6 – A 30-minute removal, and you’re done! And ready to flash your new smile!

Is it worth it?

Kazzi reckons most patients say Invisalign hardly any disruption to their day-to-day life.
'They can still eat and do what they want and get the benefit of working on their smile without it being as obvious as braces,' he says. 'The wearer functions as they always have while the aligners are straightening their teeth at the same time.'
Totally worth it, we reckon!